Our Secret Sauce

Sika’s products are designed to allow the simple and efficient receipt of payments from anywhere in the world, via any method.


STASH is a unified payment infrastructure which allows merchants to consolidate payments from across the globe by integrating into a payment gateway via one API.

STASH utilizes an intelligent switching solution to fulfill and settle payments worldwide using multiple payment methods, including:

  • card networks
  • banks
  • digital wallets
  • crypto
  • local and alternate payment methods.


BLOCKS is a decentralized customer data vault built on the blockchain network.

Onboarding customers from multiple regions with varying compliance rules is a challenge. The KYC process is costly, time-consuming, and frustrating, negatively impacting merchants and their customers – 68% of financial service applications are abandoned prior to completion.

BLOCKS enables individuals to monetize, own and share their Pii (Personal Identifiable Information) with merchants of their choice, eliminating the failure rate, redundancies and inefficiencies of KYC (Know Your Customer) onboarding


BOLT is an end-to-end cross-border settlement solution for merchants and financial institutions.

Legacy banking systems and traditional card networks rely on outdated processes to settle foreign exchange transactions, which means merchants absorb the high settlement fees and exchange premiums of these older methods.

BOLT uses fiat and crypto to fulfill settlement and a real time gross settlelment system to intelligently route cross-border funds, which results in faster, cheaper, and more transparent settlements.