Localizing Global Payments

Re-engineering Payments with Sika

Sika® is an entirely new way to think about global payments. Sika enables merchants to offer alternate and local payment options, to settle transactions in near real time, and to instantly acquire customers.

We are Sika

About Us

Sika Inc. is a fintech company based in Dubai with subsidiaries across the globe. Sika redefines the traditional banking and payment ecosystem by offering turnkey solutions for the merchant journey. From customer acquisition to payment and settlement, Sika leverages the blockchain and other modern technologies to re-engineer payments worldwide.

Sika's Payments Ecosystem

A new way to think about global payments

With Sika®, global merchants can:

  • Offer local payment options and get their products and services into more carts across the globe
  • Settle transactions with fiat or crypto
  • Instantly acquire customers
  • Manage all payments using a single view, making reconciliation and settlement a breeze

Experience Sika’s new payments ecosystem.

Our Products


STASH is a unified payment infrastructure which consolidates payments from across the globe via integration into one API.


BLOCKS is a decentralized customer data vault built on the blockchain network.


BOLT is an end-to-end cross-border settlement solution for merchants and financial institutions.

Sika solves it all

Accepting payments can be pay-nful. Ha!

Payment receivers worldwide can identify with these common issues:


Reconciling large volumes of incoming payments from numerous payment platforms can be a nightmare. 

Cross-border Payments

Across countries, foreign exchange rates & capital controls dicate margins and strategies.

Regional Compliance

Achieving and maintaining compliance across multiple regions.


Market Reach

The limitations of global reach based on payment options.


Long lead times and costly routing and settlement processes.

Customer Acquisition

 Redundant, time-consuming customer acquisition & onboarding process with high failure rates.